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Lovely!!! ooooooffffff im soo excited you are here!

Lovely Radical is a movement. Its a sisterhood of powerhouse women, women who KNOW they are meant for more!

Lovely Club is a space to come into a whole new frequency, soften from masculine survival energy and behaviours and connect and collaborate with incredible women around the world - its a vibe! 

LRAcademy is a WHOLE-istic life and business Academy,
Covering everything from personal beliefs, money mindset shifts, holistic health and wellness, healing practises, spirituality, a full business academy to set up or scale an online service or product business, over 200 trainings and masterclasses and additional libraries of resources.

In the Academy we have helped people scale business to 10K months and beyond.

Achieve multiple 6 figures through foundations, sales mindset, money mindset, customer journey and branding setups and more.

Start up new businesses with all structure, branding and mindset 

Heal generational traumas and past hurts to have amazing health and relationships.

We support parents through parenting consciously, through healing relationships, dating or ending relationships.

Helped leaders hire, let go of and best support their teams.

We have helped people resolve health challenges.

And most of all, create strategies to know exactly how all challenges come to pass in their lives, so they can navigate and overcome anything quickly.

In The Academy we require commitment. Going ALL IN. Be prepared to be challenged and to also laugh and celebrate and have fun through all of it!

Lovely Club is a super low investment monthly fee

LRA can be invested in upfront OR

by weekly/monthly subscription

Access by application or private DM to Kat on instagram @katburkeofficial

Lovely Club

If you are super new to my world (and looking for an incredible community and support to get yourself in a new state of life)  this is where you wanna be!
Come into 'soft abundance' with us! 


≜ Month to Month Sisterhood! Women who want to soften out of a hard stressful world and come into a new frequency of possibility!  

≜ Epic Telegram Group Chat  with regular love notes from Kat and coaching, guidance / Be celebrated and supported into every win and new milestone in your life and business.

≜ Access to a library of course content: 

The Glow Up. Abundance Now. Healed & Happy, Confidence, Content & Clients, 7 Day Self Love Challenge, Lovely Radical Foundations (market value = over $5000) 

≜ Invitation to the monthly reading  & live meditation / hypnotherapy (business is spiritual too) 

≜ Beautiful supportive community of likeminded humans growing together, collaborating and celebrating each breakthrough! 


≜ Private 1-1 coaching with Kat  or the weekly group Q&A  

≜ Ongoing course additions & high level business building content


***This can be upgraded to at any time inside LRAcademy  (by application & depending on availability) 

So looking forward to meeting you on our next call! 







≜ Private coaching call with Kat once a month and constant 'coach in your pocket' guidance 

≜ 1-1 Telegram chat & voice access to Kat anytime

≜ Weekly live group zoom calls for coaching and community support  

≜ Epic Telegram Group Chat / Be celebrated and supported into every win and new milestone in your life and business 

≜ Full LRA program access. The 5 pillars of life and business success -






≜All lessons, future masterclasses, activities & personal tasking proven to build the leader of a growing successful business 

≜ Monthly reading  & live meditation / hypnotherapy (business is spiritual too)

≜ Access to all additional resources and playlists for creating change (motivation, meditations, breath-work, inspiration and intuitive messages) 

≜ Beautiful supportive community of likeminded humans growing together and celebrating each breakthrough! 


≜ Just starting a business or wanting to grow your side hustle to full time

≜ Entrepreneurs and small business owners

≜ Established business owners who feel unfulfilled or stagnant

≜ Leaders & entrepreneurs who want a successful personal life as well as business

≜ Someone who knows they were made for more, and is needing guidance, clarity, direction & accountability. 

≜ Someone wanting to scale to multiple 6 figures and beyond  (without burning out) 

≜ Business owners who want to make more money AND feel fulfilled in their personal life too



Leap and let the universe catch you!! 

The Arena





≜ High touch point private coaching 

≜ Mastermind with Kat and other incredible women on tables making millions or scaling to this IN THE FEMININE ;) 

≜ Access to ALL OF THE ABOVE (Lovely Club AND LRA) as you must come through one or the other to qualify for The Arena ;) 

≜ Monthly private calls and on call support in your pocket with Kat

≜ Special surprises from Kat personally

≜ By application only - must have come through Lovely Club or LRA first 



≜ Women and leaders who have done the healing and past resolving work and are flying in their next level and wanting to fly higher. You are IN THE ARENA and ready for un-heard-of levels of freedom! 


Heres what some LRA graduates have to say...

Screen Shot 2023-07-01 at 9.09.39 pm.png

Julia G

Screen Shot 2023-07-01 at 9.10.06 pm.png

Geordie D

Screen Shot 2023-07-01 at 9.12.17 pm.png

Denise R

When I first joined LRA I started out in a place where I lacked motivation, I had no clear direction and felt stagnant in my business. I contacted Kat because I wanted to change how I felt. Something about Kat made me start thinking that there is more to it and that it’s possible to run a successful business and have fun at the same time. She proved it to be true.


Kat made me feel seen and heard from our first meeting, and continued to challenge me every time we talked. She challenged my view on myself and what I could and couldn’t do with my life and business, she challenged my beliefs around money and she changed my whole perspective on what’s possible.


After one year of lots of work, my business has grown more than I could ever imagine, I have more than doubled my income, I started a second business, I have more self confidence than ever, and I am not worried about money or the future. I know I have all the tools I need to fix my own life, I can change course if I need to, and I am not dependent on validation from others.


Kat is the warmest, most honest, authentic and encouraging coach you’ll ever meet. It has been the journey of my life to be coached in such a genuine way. For the first time in my life I have felt truly cheered on and believed in.


LRA is the place to challenge yourself on absolutely everything. It will really make you think and it is also lots of fun. Kat explains it all in the best way. For me it was perfect to combine the videos in LRA  I could do on my own pace with the private calls to go even deeper. I really appreciated Kat always being quick to answer any questions I had in between our calls and I always felt safe and understood no matter what I needed to share.


I enjoyed the concrete tasks you get from LRA that you can apply to your own life right after watching the videos. The money and business section was definitely my favourite!

*Julia runs a hugely successful design and marketing business in Norway, she runs yoga retreats and coaches business owners like herself

I was definitely depressed, wanting to be somewhere else.

Lost and confused


Couldn’t see the future ahead

Relationship Breakup struggles

Financial instability.

Lacking motivation sleeping lots

In victim mode and trauma bonding

Now, my fitness level has increased significantly

Business has grown and evolving and moving to a new level of greatness, Made my first ever 10k month! How did i change this? By owning it and showing up different!

I am happy working through the self healing journey. I feel natural joy during the day. I have more courage than I have ever had before and growing.

More disciplined, focused and motivated to create more success in my life


LRA is a fantastic well thought of program that is diverse in all aspects of coaching, health wellness and business. Kat is next level in her work and knowledge. The one on one support, weekly Q&A is insightful every week.  Group chat is a inspirational resource where you can be your honest self and feel comfortable and confident sharing your thoughts and experiences.

*Geordie runs a very successful catering business while also doing support work for NDIS clients 

12 weeks ago, I had just separated from my fiancé, it was an abusive environment, I was extremely unhappy, some events transpired and I made the call to leave. I had moved out of our home and into temporary accommodation, I was ready to pack my life up and move back home to Melbourne. I was hurting and feeling betrayed and was very much lost in limbo. I connected with Kat approx. 1 week after all of this happening and joined the group container almost immediately. 12 weeks later I have decided to stay in Sydney, I have re-connected with friends and doing things that fill all my cups, my light is shining through again and I'm feeling happy and excited for the future. My happiness is no longer dependent on someone else.


LRAcademy has literally changed my life, without the support and guidance from Kat and the group I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am right now. I have a very clear picture of my future and what I want out of life. The program and modules are very well presented and easy to follow along, the weekly calls and tasks have been some of the best life advice I've received ever, and the weekly live Q&A's are such a great opportunity to clear and follow up questions. The group chat is my favourite thing about this program, we have all created a bond with each other and lifelong friendships, I am absolutely amazed at the vulnerability of everyone in this container and the growth and celebrations everyone has shared in collaboration with the weekly calls and LRA modules has been amazing, I feel grateful and privileged to have been a part of this container and to have shared in the joy with all of these wonderful humans

*Denise works for big construction companies, is an incredible artist and is now studying to be a support to women who have been through similar things to herself 

Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 7.56.15 am.png

Ange R

Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 8.00.47 am.png

Kelly H


Jordyn + Keith

When I first started with Kat I was pumped, I had been watching her online for a while and loved her content. I was ready to go all in and better my life, I started doing LRA training courses, then right before we started our 1:1 sessions my mum died and my whole world fell apart. Kat guided me through my grief and emotions. In the past I have pushed emotions aside but I was given a safe space to breath through them and let them come in waves. Some were so strong they knocked me to the ground, Kats program gave me the strength inside myself to stand back up and refocus, move forward, one tiny step at a time. Slowly I got stronger and learnt how to allow my emotions to come and flow without reacting to them so strongly.

When I first found Kat on facebook, I was reactive and emotional and had low self confidence. Once I started working with her we focused on my health, mindset and visualising my goals. I started constructing visions of where I wanted to be and like magic it started to become my reality. We built my self confidence, self love and structured my days to maximise my time. I learnt so much about myself that I became less reactive to others and have a calm approach to things that make me emotional. I have a better relationship with my kids and husband. My family is modelling my new behavior and we are all having so much more fun. We are being more intentional and creating wonderful memories together. We share goals and set intentions on where we want to be and cheer each other on to achieve it. I’m back at the gym, looking after my health, eating healthy meals, drinking litres and litres of water and flushing out the toxins from my body. I feel amazing and so motivated!

1 year before I came to Kat I started a business, I thought it was doing great, It was bringing in about 4k per month and I was micromanaging the hell out of it, I didn’t know how to delegate or ask for help, I did everything myself. I loved it so much and thought that was how it was meant to be. But as I started to improve my mindset, confidence and health, things started changing in my business. Kat suggested I hire some help and delegate tasks and suddenly it exploded. I had so much more energy and enthusiasm, I was a better communicator and looked at problems as only needing a solution not a melt down. Suddenly I started looking at problems as good things and fun to find a solution to. I relied less on other peoples approval and advice and started listening to my intuition and my business grew faster and faster. Now I have 6 staff and im doing less work and more of the fun stuff I enjoy. I have a wonderful relationship with all of my team, clients and networks. Im so proud of what I have created and so blessed to be supported by Kat.

And I saved the best to last, my biggest achievement by far. I am healing my gut health!

LRA isn't just an educational platform; it's a soulful journey of rediscovery, healing, and growth. It's where you uncover the layers of your own story, and with Kat as your guide, you learn to rewrite it with strength, resilience, and love. With regular support and encouragement in our group chat and through weekly Q&A sessions, you find a new family of kindred spirits on the same journey. Together, you share triumphs, lend a helping hand in moments of struggle, and celebrate each other's growth. I am profoundly thankful for this remarkable voyage of self discovery and I eagerly anticipate the continued growth and blessings it will bring.

*Ange runs a disability care service business while being a present wife and mumma 

Before I started working with Kat, I was living in a high state of anxiety, poor sleep, poor eating habits and feeling lost in how to implement any action and direction in my life.

After working with Kat for 3 months, all my anxiety had completely gone. I was back to sleeping at least 8 hours a night, implementing a healthy morning routine and am on the verge of launching my very own course for twin mums! Kat has helped me with a clear vision, strategy and see my worth. I have worked around removing limiting beliefs (especially around money and time) and I feel I have my spark back.

If you commit to the LRA and only watch the videos but DO the exercises and actions, you will be amazed how quickly things can turn around for you.

Kat as a fountain of knowledge and is both empathetic but will give you the push you need.

Despite literally living on the other side of the world, Kat has always responded to messages, replied to feedback and been oh call for support within the 12 hours difference - and quite often quicker and within an hour! The group chat I found very inspiring and supportive.

*Kelly and her partner run a business supporting twin parents - while also raising their own twins! 

Hi, hello.. if you would have met me for the first time about 6 months ago, you would have met someone who is chronically ill, someone who was constantly anxious, depressed, constantly asking why me? Someone who questioned everything and everyone. I barley ate, barley slept, barley upheld my end of any relationship. I was as miserable as I could have been.

Then I met Kat, I can’t remember how exactly we crossed paths but THANK GOODNESS WE DID. She opened my eyes to the root of my problems.. myself. That was a hard pill to swallow. And once I opened up and was receptive of what she had to say/teach.. my life started changing immediately.

ECT was a practice that I never knew excised but wow was it powerful. The release of triggers, the understanding of the root, healing younger me. It all seemed too simple to be real, but all of the sudden I wasn’t as angry, I wasn’t as frantic, I wasn’t such a victim.

When it came to friendships/ family/ really any relationship.. I was stuck because I didn’t trust. I didn’t have many friends at all. I am so different from my family, it seems we may never understand each other. I was very lonely in a world with so many people, I followed and trusted the “homework” I was given, I chose to reframe my language when and where I could, saw that people do the best they can with what they’re given in that moment and what happened shocked me..

I was introduced to a new type of people. Good people, people who care about your growth, your health, your day, your goals and helping you reach them or at the very least cheering you on. I’ve learned to enjoy what I have and to want what I want!

Because anything is possible, you can truly manifest anything you want in this life. You just have to believe it and do the work. Working on yourself can seem so scary, because I still don’t even fully know “who I am” but I’m learning to love myself, as I am. I trust myself and my decisions, I trust my body and that it knows what to do. Life changing for me personally. I’ve been meditating daily, it was super hard at first, but with guided meditation and continuous practice,

I’ve found it to be very beneficial to my daily life, and even those around me. I’ve been able to “come into my body” which is just being there, in the moment, as you are. When it comes to working and having a job, I’ve been spread as thin as I could for almost 10 years to barley make ends meet. Now I’m nannying and working for a family who owns two businesses, and it’s crazy how after you have an open mind and stop telling the “I’m broke” story to yourself and those around you.. money opportunities pop up!

Suddenly I’m aware that I’m surrounded by people who are successful and believe in me… it’s contagious, I swear. All this to say,

Kat changed my life, she honestly saved it.  Thank you for everything Kat, you’re my biggest inspiration. Xx

Keith - "im all good now, getting the money sorted, works great, have a plan for the future - all it well now!" 

***Jordyn and Keith just got engaged! :) 

The Mini Courses

Money mindset, healing and small business!


Abundance NOW 

A blueprint and a gameplan to completely transform your financial future! Learnt from all the most successful people in this world. (market value - over $5000)


All my starter codes to heal from trauma, breakups, past pains or drama and create a whole new life experience that you deserve! 

(market value - over $2000

Confidence, Content & Clients 

If you are a small/medium business owner and wanting to blow up your business with epic social media and a personal confidence to attract dream paying clients 

(market value - over $2000

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