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Ive watched many friends and family, over the years, be charged thousands of dollars for basic websites for their businesses and then ongoing hefty fee's to have them maintained and updated.

I spend a few thousand hours learning how to build new websites in 2017 and since i have been offering a much more affordable service to those who need to have an online presence but cannot spend the time, energy and dollars on a traditional web designer.

The work that I do is fast, manicured and tailored to your needs and dreams for your web presence. Ive designed sites from Travel companies to Tattoo Parlours, Yoga Institutes to my own (the one that you are reading on right now).

My service also includes educational tutorials for you so you can easily learn how to update and edit your own site moving forward (its quite easy once you know where to click!) if you don't want to have to keep paying someone it do it for you OR need to update something in a timely manner.

I also offer a free discovery call to discuss this service and see if it will be a good fit for what you need.

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Ill design a place for your clients/ audience to land on which can contain any/all information about your business. I can use professional images provided by you and stock images if you do not have many of these. Ill also link to all your social sites and have a contact set up. 

Investment also includes 12 months of your chosen domain name and 12 months  premium plan for your website (renewable for approx. USD120 per year)

All this can be completed within 7 days of initial agreement as long as all info required is provided in a timely manner and communication is open through the process.

Service Investment: AUD $555

***bundle includes training tutorials for ongoing support and editing***

MULTI PAGE SITE (up to 7 pages)

All inclusions listed above.

**If ecommerce is required please book a discovery call so i can help determine what provider will be the best option for you. If you book a call please bring along examples of what you would like.

Tutorials included and 2 calls with me to tour and make any adjustments and changes.

Service Investment: AUD $1200-1649

Please Note: 50% payment will be required upon initial agreement and the remains upon completion. Payments for my time and efforts are non-refundable.

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