So, you're ready for massive change are you?


I work closely with my clients in both their personal lives and their business to go to the next level by removing any and all limiting beliefs and behaviours that are keeping them stuck.


This work is designed to be the breakthrough that lasts. We go all the way into the unconscious programs that are limiting your life and deprogram what isn't serving and replace it with better.


The programs you get access to are transformative for leadership foundations and growth, self love, relationships, business, money mindset and more.


Depending on your situation or need you can work with me in a number of ways from text/voice support only to private 1-1 memberships with all the breakthrough change work included.


The best way to find out what will be best for your specific situation is to chat with me directly, you can do this by messaging directly on Instagram @lovelyradical or email

HERE, i gift my DECADE of learning ... and turn it into DAYS for you.


To navigate your own limiting cycles. Ive learnt how to navigate almost every hardship you could imagine and im here to help you experience so much better than what has past!


 Who is my coaching for?

- If you are feeling stuck or stagnant in yourself or in your relationship

- If you're wanting to discover your purpose and passion

- If you experience symptoms of physical or mental illness or learning challenges 

- Unsure of your next move in any area of your life 

- If you keep repeating past experiences or toxic cycles/relationships

- Feeling out of touch with your intuition or body

- Feeling confused or directionless

- You're wanting to start a business

- You run a business and want to scale to the next level and beyond

- If you are constantly worrying, overthinking, stressing or easily triggered

What you can expect in LRAcademy or Breakthrough:

- Weekly group coaching calls / Q+A sessions (all plans) 

- 1-1 coaching calls (selected plans only) 

- Member access to the expansive and evolving LRAcademy program and recourses.  

- Contact with Kat via Telegram 

- We will gain understanding of what’s going on, how your past has shaped your behaviours and experiences and how to re-write those subconscious programs.

- I work with a number of healing modalities and intuitive guidance to gain clarity and assist you in shifting stagnant or upsetting energy.

- You may be guided through techniques and processes, if and when needed.

- All group calls are recorded and archived in member platform (if you need to rewatch or miss the live)


- Follow-ups and aftercare will be provided to make sure you’re doing alright in between & after sessions

- Community group access that you can invite your family and friends into so they can start to delve into the learning too 


Please note:


- After the sessions I may provide tasks and resources to implement before our next call so that you get the results you seek. We can learn and talk all we want, if you aren't implementing the changes on your end we will only get so far.

- If physical health is not in great shape i will highly recommend doing a round of The HSE protocol (see the wellness program page on this website - the deeper work is much more fun when you dont get sick! 

Scroll for plans and reach out and connect to ask for tailored support.


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Book a discovery call about 1-1 coaching or DM directly on Facebook or Instagram for a chat
Email is



3 month group coaching mentorship with Kat. Group Breakthrough process with strategies and tailored support for anyone wanting to lead well in life, family, relationships or business.

Currently in session - next round starts January 2023

LRAcademy 3 or 6 months

(group or private)

2 private calls per month with Kat (private plan) 

LRA full program access

Personal & Business breakthrough process (private)

1-1 text and voice support with Kat

Accountability and support with life's ups & downs

NLP, ECT & Hypnosis tailored processes (private)

Weekly group Q&A  (every Tuesday 5pm QLD TIME)

Group chat and community (optional)

Private Coaching for
Business and Leadership

2 x PRIVATE coaching calls with Kat every month

Personal and leadership breakthrough process

1-1 text and voice support with Kat

Weekly Group Q&A coaching

LRAcademy - foundation building/expanding for leaders

Leadership Values Process for expansion

Staff/Team Values process for up to 5 team

2 x team training days

  • LRAcademy Basic

    Every week
    Program Access Only - Cancel Anytime
    • LRAcademy foundation building program for leaders
    • Telegram Q&A group chat
    • FB support group
    • Build your self love, money mindset, business and health
    • Access to all past group coaching call recordings
  • Personal Hypnosis

    bundles available for multiple hypnosis AND coaching call
    Valid for one week
    • Addiction (alcohol, weed, drugs, smoking, pornography)
    • Insomnia
    • Anxiety Symptoms
    • Depression
    • Motion Sickness
    • Anger Management
    • Fertility / Reconnecting with the feminine
    • Fear of abandonment
    • Fear of rejection
    • Fear of needles
    • Nail biting
    • Morning Sickness
    • Snoring
    • Stuttering
    • Teeth grinding
    • Obsessive behaviour
    • Separation anxiety symptoms
    • Selling skills
    • Removing money/wealth blockages
    • One off hypnosis - receive recording and preparation guide
    • Bundles = discount when getting multiple & a coaching call
    • Email enquiries to