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Lovely, leading by beautiful example    |   Radical, agent for change for a better life



Kat is a leadership coach.


Everyone is a leader, whether you lead yourself, a family, a team or a corporation (or all of the above)

At Lovely Radical Coaching we are here to help you re-program your limiting beliefs of the past and any current barriers to experience your next level of massive success.

Author: Surf, Sex & Self Discovery / QUIT Anxiety Now 

Podcast Host


Master practitioner of

NLP & Hypnosis


One of the less than 300 in the WORLD qualified as master practitioner of Emotional Change Technique ™️




Meditation & Breath-Work.


EFT & Havening (i do not use this modality however as i have found more effective ones)

Master Accredited Life Coach


A decade of wisdom, observation and research into human behaviour and relationships and building global business. Intuitive and strategy based support & accountability to have the breakthrough you require for your next level.

If you are interested in working with Kat follow the link below to peruse the different options:


/ˈlʌvli/ /ˈradɪkl/



My GLOW UP Guide

Breakup transformation. Entrepreneur evolution. Self love activation
AN CREATE confidence in all things, love, health, wealth and MORE!