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Lovely, leading by beautiful example    |   Radical, agent for change for a better life



Kat is a leadership coach.


Everyone is a leader, whether you lead yourself, a family, a team or a corporation (or all of the above)

At Lovely Radical Coaching we are here to help you re-program your limiting beliefs of the past and any current barriers to experience your next level of massive success in all areas of life.

Author: Surf, Sex & Self Discovery / QUIT Anxiety Now 

Podcast Host


Master practitioner of

NLP & Hypnosis


One of the less than 300 in the WORLD qualified as master practitioner of Emotional Change Technique ™️

(the process that can free you from all the weighted pain of the past)




Meditation & Breath-Work.


EFT & Havening (i do not use this modality however as i have found more effective ones)

Master Accredited Life Coach


A decade of wisdom, observation and research into human behaviour and relationships and building global business. Intuitive and strategy based support & accountability to have the breakthrough you require for your next level.

If you are interested in working with Kat follow the link below to check out LRA. And DM Kat anytime on social media @lovelyradical or email


/ˈlʌvli/ /ˈradɪkl/



My GLOW UP Guide

Breakup transformation. Entrepreneur evolution. Self love activation
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